Stating the obvious: I haven't been on this blog in some time. Though I didn't know it at the time, when I stepped away from this blog, I stepped away from the commitment I'd made to getting myself into shape.

So what has changed since my time away? I've gained 10 pounds, started making more excuses, and all around (as far as fitness is concerned) have just been full of shit.

I can't continue on this way, besides I'm way too cute to be overweight. ;) I'm back. Hope you are still with me.

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Have we gotten so lazy that we can't walk a couple extra yards? Just back from the grocery store, while I'm loading my car another car comes behind me waiting for my spot, where just steps away another spot is open. Let me repeat....JUST STEPS AWAY ANOTHER SPOT IS OPEN.

I g0t so irritated. I start taking my sweet time (mind you, I only have two bags). When I get in the car, I play with my phone a bit. Hey, its one of my pet peeves. Finally, I pull out. I watch as the person gets out of her car and sure enough, she could have used the extra steps. Mean, but true.

I truly can't believe how lazy we have become as a nation. On one hand, I can see why some people are so upset over health care. The ones footing the bill do not want to have to pay for those who will not take a couple extra steps to improve their own health. Interesting isn't it?

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Today is National Junk Food Day on the heels of National Ice Cream Day last weekend. In spite of all the junk food the world consumes daily, someone had the presence of mind to officially declare days where eating junk is permissible on a national level. Isn't this a bit redundant and unnecessary? And what is the purpose of such a day? To assuage us of our guilt when indulging in foods we know to be harmful to our health and waistlines?

The junk food industry is big business. A bigger business than the exercise and diet industry. Two industries at opposite ends of the spectrum, competing for your time and money when really its not a competition at all, both industries win. We pay for the junk and then we pay to get rid of the effects of the junk. It's one big fat cycle.

Today, if you choose to indulge in the nation's obsession with junk food, remember the 'junk' is on you and the fat too.

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INSANITY is here!!!! This week starts my second week of INSANITY. Each Beachbody program comes with a buzz line, a mantra you chant when you are doing well or chant when you want to convince yourself you can do it. P90X - Bring It. Chalean Extreme - Go Heavy or Go Home and INSANITY - Dig Deep; these two simple words encapsulates the mentality necessary to attempt a program like INSANITY.

This program lives up to its name. It's thirty to forty minutes of butt-kicking, heart-pounding, sweat-inducing cardio. It's so INSANE, you will need a warm-up for the warm-up. As you are doing this workout, you begin to understand just how INSANE you are.

INSANITY is the only word to describe pushing through this workout versus performing some other type of cardio a bit more comfortable on your respiratory system and your brain. Doesn't it sound INSANE to keep working out when you are at the point of wanting to throw up or to do just one more squat when your legs failed you long ago?

By the end of the workout, you realize you are not crazy at all as you have become the personification of the mantra DIG DEEP.

DIG DEEP simply means find something within yourself that will move you past what you thought you could do. The beauty of INSANITY is that it is not INSANE unless you refuse to DIG DEEP because when you DIG DEEP you find that is where your sanity really lies.

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